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Common DUI Arraignment Questions

31 December 2018
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If you are stopped by a police officer and arrested for a DUI, then you will have to go through a process that involves the court system. This includes the arraignment process, which is the first step of your court case. Unfortunately, the court system in the United States is a complicated one and you may have some questions. Keep reading to learn about some common questions and the answers to them. Read More …

Shocked, Shattered, And Saddened: How To Support Someone You Love Charged With DUI Manslaughter

17 October 2018
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Millions of people drive drunk in America, risking their own life and the lives of anyone else on the road. If someone you love has taken another person's life in a drunk driving accident, their world—and yours—is shattered. Although you may be caught between the sadness and shock of the incident, you're still left with the responsibility of supporting your loved one through the personal and legal battles they're now facing. Read More …

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