Common DUI Arraignment Questions

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Common DUI Arraignment Questions

31 December 2018
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If you are stopped by a police officer and arrested for a DUI, then you will have to go through a process that involves the court system. This includes the arraignment process, which is the first step of your court case. Unfortunately, the court system in the United States is a complicated one and you may have some questions. Keep reading to learn about some common questions and the answers to them.

Do You Need To Attend The Arraignment?

The arraignment is the court proceeding where the DUI charges are read against you and you will be asked to plead guilty or not guilty. Also, the judge will decide at the time whether or not you are able to leave and go home and await your trial. 

Also, the judge will set any conditions for your release and you can expect that your license will be revoked at this time. Other conditions include prohibiting alcohol use and the use of other illegal substances, submitting to alcohol testing when asked, and your immediate jailing if you take part in any criminal activities. 

And, you are required to attend the arraignment. Your lawyer can be sent to the arraignment in your place, but it is wise for both you and your attorney to go together. This will allow you to appear engaged and professional in front of the judge. Also, if conditions are set for your release that interferes with your job or your ability to take care of your children, then other arrangements can be made through your attorney. For example, if your license is suspended then you may not be able to get to work. Instead of a full suspension, your lawyer can argue for a provisional license with the placement of an ignition breathalyzer. 

Do You Need To Attend Court After The Arraignment?

For some individuals, the arraignment is the first and only time that they enter a courtroom and speak with a judge. And, since the hearing is held about 30 days after you are arrested and bailed out of jail, this gives you plenty of time to work with an attorney to make arrangements. These arrangments include working out a plea deal with the district attorney.

The plea can be heard at the time of the arraignment and the sentencing phase, along with the recommendations offered by the district attorney, can commence at this time.

You do have the option of accepting the terms from the district attorney or going on to a jury trial. If you decide that a trial is best for you, then you will need to go to court multiple times after the arraignment. The judge will set the date for the pretrial hearing at this time.

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