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Fight Your Disorderly Conduct Charge By Exploring The Legal Definition

23 September 2016
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If you are arrested or charged with disorderly conduct, it is vital that you figure out if your actions actually fit the legal description of disorderly conduct. Do not accept a plea deal until you have had an attorney review your case. The Four Categories Of Behavior That Disorderly Conduct Covers In most states, there are four different categories of behavior that are generally covered under disorderly conduct laws. Here is a quick overview of what each of those categories are and the type of behavior that generally falls under each category. Read More …

Three Possible Hurdles A Driver May Face When Seeking Compensation After A Car-Livestock Accident

20 September 2016
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Whenever you are involved in a car crash in which another party is negligent, you expect the negligent party to pay for your damages and injuries. However, this is not always possible for a motorist injured in collisions with livestock. Here are three complications that make compensation in such cases difficult: The Animal Owner or Keeper May Be Immune from Lawsuits In most states, if the owner of the animal is liable, then they have to compensate your losses. Read More …

3 Things A DUI Attorney Wants You To Know

20 September 2016
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A DUI attorney is someone who knows all the ins and outs of the DUI laws in your specific state, which is why hiring one after receiving a DUI is important for fighting your case or at least receiving smaller charges. However, there are some general tips that a DUI attorney wants all of his or her clients to know upon being pulled over. This is going to make fighting your case much easier for yourself and for your attorney. Read More …

Proving You Are Innocent Of A Crime You Are Being Accused Of Committing

16 September 2016
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If you have been arrested and released on bail for an attempted robbery that you did not commit, you are most likely concerned about how you will prove your innocence to a judge and jury when it is time for your court appearance. It is important to retain a criminal defense attorney to help you provide the facts regarding your whereabouts and any involvement pertaining to the incident in an attempt to have charges dropped. Here are some tips you can use to help prove you are not guilty of the robbery you are being blamed for. Read More …

When You Can And Can’t Be Pulled Over For Marijuana Possession And Consumption

12 September 2016
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The legal status of marijuana has become quite varied, with some states completely banning the substance, some states allowing medical marijuana, and a few allowing for the complete legalization of marijuana. Marijuana that was purchased legally in one state may lead to serious criminal penalties in another state. If you are pulled over by a patrol officer, he or he needs probable cause. In other words, he or she must believe that a crime was committed and the searching of your vehicle would be necessary to demonstrate this. Read More …

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