Understanding Sexual Misconduct

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Understanding Sexual Misconduct

17 August 2020
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One of the most common sex crimes somebody can face charges for sounds very vague on the surface. Sexual misconduct actually has a more specific legal definition, though it may sound very vague at first.

If you face sexual misconduct charges, you may wonder what this means. This guide will help you understand this sex crime and what you should do next.

What Is Sexual Misconduct?

Sexual misconduct encompasses sexual acts one performs for the sexual gratification of oneself and against the sexual will or without permission of another person.

Examples of sexual misconduct are found all over the news. It includes everything from indecent exposure and public sexual acts to unwanted touching and sexual harassment. The crime can also represent the power of the individual involved. For example, an employer sexually harassing an employee may provide grounds for a sexual misconduct case.

What Punishments Could You Face?

Several punishments could be put in place after you are convicted of sexual misconduct. The severity of your case will make a big difference. For example, if you face a misdemeanor, you may face jail time, fines, and probation. If you face a felony, you could experience prison time for longer than a year. You could also be branded a felon and have to register on the sex offender listing. In either case, you could lose your job, especially if you work as a coach, teacher, or doctor.

Registration as a sex offender can be especially difficult to cope with because it impacts many aspects of your life. You could face challenges finding an apartment or seeking employment, for example.

How Can You Defend Yourself Against Sexual Misconduct Allegations?

Your defense will likely involve refuting another person's allegations that you were sexually inappropriate toward them. Perhaps the accuser is an employee with a grudge, or maybe somebody is simply mistaken. This might involve looking for inconsistencies in the other party's case.

If you do face criminal charges associated with sexual misconduct, you have the right to defend yourself. Doing so could keep you out of prison or jail. Your next step is to hire a criminal defense attorney who understands sex crimes.

Make an appointment with a sex crimes attorney today to discuss your case. These attorneys have seen cases like yours and understand the risks you face. You do not have to face them alone. Contact a law firm in your area to learn more.

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