Are You Facing Conspiracy Charges?

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Are You Facing Conspiracy Charges?

1 May 2020
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If you are facing criminal charges related to conspiracy, you might have a lot of questions. What makes your charges a conspiracy, and how can you be charged with conspiracy with or without another charge?

Generally speaking, a conspiracy involves a group of people. The government might charge you with conspiracy if you are accused of participating with several others to commit a crime.

What Is a Conspiracy Charge?

You might not realize it, but it is illegal to conspire with others to commit a crime. In order to face these charges, you must have agreed with others to commit a crime. Keep in mind that the crime does not need to have actually occurred in order to face these charges of conspiracy.

Conspiracy charges can have severe consequences. The specific sentence you could receive is dependent upon a number of factors, including the specific kind of conspiracy charge you are facing. Each kind of crime may come with different sentences and potential charges.

What Kinds of Crimes May Come With Conspiracy Charges?

Conspiracies may exist to commit a variety of offenses, including mail fraud, health care fraud, and other types of fraud. You can be convicted of conspiracy related to money laundering, drug possession, racketeering, and more. The crime need not be committed for you to face conspiracy charges.

There are also some other criminal offenses that come with conspiracy charges. These include conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit robbery. These crimes may consist of planning the crime but failing to follow through with it, perhaps because somebody else in the group reported the crime to police.

What If Your Involvement Was Minimal?

You need to know that even if you had minimal involvement in the planning or commission of a crime, you can still face conspiracy charges. Additionally, the prosecutor does not have to determine that you had any deep plan. Any plan to commit a crime may be enough.

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You are advised to hire a criminal defense attorney if you are facing any criminal charges, including those linked to conspiracy. You need an attorney who can manage your case, especially if you are facing a felony charge. Conspiracy can lead to a significant amount of time in prison in addition to steep fines, so it is important that you pay spend time creating a strong defense with a professional.

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