Proving You Are Innocent Of A Crime You Are Being Accused Of Committing

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Proving You Are Innocent Of A Crime You Are Being Accused Of Committing

16 September 2016
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If you have been arrested and released on bail for an attempted robbery that you did not commit, you are most likely concerned about how you will prove your innocence to a judge and jury when it is time for your court appearance. It is important to retain a criminal defense attorney to help you provide the facts regarding your whereabouts and any involvement pertaining to the incident in an attempt to have charges dropped. Here are some tips you can use to help prove you are not guilty of the robbery you are being blamed for.

Provide A Timeline Of Your Schedule

It is important to prove where you had been at the time the robbery occurred. There are several documents that may help shed doubt of your involvement in the robbery that you should retain before your court case begins. Gather receipts showing any purchases you had made on the day or night of the proposed robbery as well as any banking or ATM transactions that may have been done when the robbery was taking place. Your vehicle's GPS system can provide information about where you were located during the robbery. Phone records should be complied for evaluation as well.

Collect Witnesses To Prove Your Whereabouts

If you had come into contact with any people in the hours before or during the time the robbery took place, they may be able to speak on your behalf in a courtroom to show you were not the person involved in the robbery. If you had been in a public area where surveillance video was present, inform your attorney so they can request the camera owner release any footage showing you were in that vicinity to help prove you were not near the crime scene.

Maintain A Positive Demeanor And Retain Character Witnesses

If you are not the type of person who would commit the crime you are being blamed of doing, there are most likely several people you know who would be willing to give the court information about your character. These people will be able to provide information to the judge and jury about positive aspects in your daily actions helping to retain some empathy from those in the courtroom. 

If you do not have physical evidence to prove your whereabouts during the crime, it is important to remain calm throughout the court process. It is easy to become agitated when being accused of something you did not do, but this will appear unfavorable in a courtroom situation. Listen attentively, answer questions truthfully, and be open to taking a lie detector test or providing personal information to prove your innocence.

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